Mission Statement

Midway along the journey of our life
I woke to find myself in a dark wood
for I had wandered off the straight path.

How hard it is to tell what it was like,
this wood of wilderness, savage and stubborn
(the thought of it brings back all my old fears),

a bitter place! It could scarce be bitterer.
But if I would show the good that came of it
I must talk about the things other than the good.

- Dante, The Divine Comedy Vol. I: Inferno
Canto I, n. 1-9. [Mark Musa, 1984]

Inferno Enterprises is a small business, based out of Burlington, Ontario, whose purpose is to provide a link between technical solutions and strategies, and the theories and social principles that underlie them. As such, we offer not only our expertise in computer systems, from stand-alone to inter-networked, but also strive to impart an understanding of the solutions we provide, and to address any deeper organisational and inter-personal issues that can be just as important.

It's not our desire to act merely as a technical warehouse but also to serve as educators in the field, thereby imparting the knowledge needed to fully appreciate emerging technologies.

The origin of our company name, Inferno Enterprises, comes from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, in particular Vol. I: Inferno. Two excellent resources for information on Dante's works are the ILTweb Digital Dante Project, and the Princeton Dante Project (requires free login account).

The three stanzas previously quoted embody the ideals behind our company. Technology changes at such a rate that it often leaves the ability to understand and implement it in question. A meaningful resolution to these questions involves a fundamental understanding of the current goals and expectations of any new technology.

As Virgil offered his guidance to Dante in his journey through the Inferno to Paradise, so does Inferno Enterprises hope to offer its services in a complementary fashion.

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